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Why Did You Become a Nurse?

Meet nursing student Raequel Mosley. Raequel is half way through the Columbus School of Practical Nursing’s 12-month program taught at our Lexington Avenue location. She is one of our dedicated nursing students on their way to becoming a licensed practical nurse.

We like to ask our students what made them decide to become a nurse. In Raquel’s case, her previous work experience provided an opportunity for her to interact with patients. “Working at a nursing home with deaf and blind residents, I fell in love with caring for people,” Raequel explained. “I knew there was another purpose for my life. Going to different schools and majoring in different things didn’t make me feel grounded. Studying here reminds me this is my calling.”

Raequel also chose the nursing profession because she knew it offered her and her two children a secure financial future. In Ohio, a licensed practical nurse earns an average salary of $41,000 depending on the position. And while other careers are subject to ongoing layoffs, Raequel feels assured knowing nurses are in high demand.

Like many nursing students, Raequel is excited to put her skills into action. She recently had the opportunity to shadow the treatment of a patient’s wound site during the clinical portion of our program. Seeing the doctors and nurses in action reinforced her desire to become a wound nurse, where she can someday practice her skills in an ER or other medical setting.

We asked Raequel what else she has gained from her clinical experiences. “I can see how important is to organize your day,” she said. “Time can get away from you if you don’t prepare correctly.” In fact, time was one of the reasons Raquel chose the Columbus Practical Nursing when searching for a nursing program. She liked that the program was only 12 months, and feels that she is accomplishing much in a short period of time.

Raequel also liked our program’s affordability and the fact that there are no prerequisite courses needed to apply. As for what Raquel likes best about the program now that she’s enrolled, she shared, “I feel that the students are a close-knit family. We all pitch in and help our fellow students. Our teachers are here for our success and provide extra help if needed.”

Raequel is excelling in our program and is on track to graduate in June when she will be fully prepared to take the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX). The Columbus School of Practical Nursing’s passing rate for the NCLEX is 98%. We know Raequel will score well on the exam and will become a great nurse.