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There is a Growing Demand for Male Nurses

The U.S. healthcare industry is experiencing a critical shortage of nurses. The once female-dominated field is forecasted to grow by 16 percent by 2024 according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The percentage of men in nursing is roughly 10 percent, but that number is also expected to rise as more nursing schools and hospitals actively recruit men to join this rewarding profession.

Columbus School of Practical Nursing student Tyler McFarland knows his practical nurse training will help earn him a good salary and the opportunity to work at almost any healthcare facility. Tyler’s story is somewhat unique in that his father and uncle are both nurses. While both men inspired him to become a nurse, the job security that nursing provides helped solidify his career choice.

Tyler believes a 12-month practical nursing program is “a quick way to advance your profession.” He is part of an accelerated program that blends classroom teaching with real clinical experience that start early in the course. “The first-hand experience includes starting IVs, inserting a catheter, and other invasive procedures that help prepare you to be a nurse,” Tyler explained.

Tyler is confident that his teachers are fully preparing him to pass the NCLEX, a requirement for becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN). “The teachers here try to bring you in, not weed you out,” said Tyler. “They provide students with all the information they need to be successful,” he added.

Tyler’s nursing aspirations go beyond that of earning his LPN certificate. He is already employed in the healthcare field as a state tested nurse aide (STNA) at MacIntosh Company. The Central Ohio company operates seven senior care communities and a home health agency. Working there as an STNA, Tyler takes care of clients and assists them with daily activities. “Although I have only been employed at MacIntosh for four months, I can already tell it is where I will grow and build my nursing career,” Tyler said. After becoming an LPN, Tyler plans to work at MacIntosh’s brand new assisted living and rehabilitation center in Canal Winchester. “MacIntosh’s great reputation paired with their willingness to help further their employees’ education ensures me that I can reach my goal of one day becoming a nurse anesthetist,” Tyler added.

The Columbus School of Practical Nursing has seen a significant increase in male student enrollment in the past two years. It’s a trend we’d like to see continue as male nurses serve an important role in a field where well trained, highly qualified nurses are greatly needed.

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